Pradhanmantri BHIM App Referral Yojana to Earn Money by Referring BHIM AADHAAR App to friends, relatives and everyone. Through BHIM App Referral Program Every Referral will earn 10 Rupees for Each referral. Earn Referral amount in your account while referring the BHIM App to your known ones. PM Narendra Modi Sarkari Yojana in Nagpur , Maharashtra , on the occasion of Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar Jayanti and Good Friday.

BHIM App Referral Program by Modi

Pradhanmantri BHIM App referral Scheme is announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Nagpur. In this sarkari yojana, if person (who is a BHIM App User) teaches a person about the BHIM AADHAAR App technology and links/joins him by giving his referral id , then the Govt of India will transfer Rs. 10/- in his account. So, through a simple calculation, if a person refers 20 people and they all join the BHIM Mobile App, then at the end of the day he will be earning Rs, 200/- in his account.

Who can refer to earn through BHIM App Referral Money Yojana ?

Any user who is a member has his bank account linked with BHIM Mobile App can earn money by BHIM App. What ever is his age, sex, caste or religion, he can earn money by BHIM App Referral Scheme.

What is amount paid for each referral ?

Every referral will add Rs, 10/- in your account. What you have to do is to just teach the a person about the benefits of this Govt of India BHIM Mobile Application for money transfer and payments.

How will I get the money or How will I be paid ?

Since it’s a govt move towards a cashless India so, it’s the time to youngsters to get paid for helping/ teaching others. Once a person joins BHIM App through your reference, the qualified amount will be transferred to your Bank Account which is linked with your BHIM Account.

Modi BHIM App Referral Yojana

What is the deadline or end date of BHIM App Referral Scheme?

The PM Narendra Modi announced BHIM Referral Yojana on 14 April 2017 on Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Jayanti / Good Friday. The last date of BHIM Referral Yojana by Pradhanmantri Modi is 14 Oct 2017 , the day on which is again related to B.R. Ambedkar.

It’s a golden opportunity all the youg students who are enjoying their holidays / summer vacations. They can earn good money by teaching people in their vicinity – their friends, parents, colleagues, relatives or even to unknowns about the benefits and advantages of BHIM mobile app.

BHIM Referral Program for Shopkeepers

The shopkeepers can join the BHIM App referral program and they will get Rs. 25/- for joining the app. The shopkeepers have the benefits in own scenario. Usually what happens is a customer leaves the paise figure in total billing and pays in round figure. Suppose the total bill is for Rs. 25.60 then the customer pays only Rs. 25/- and leaves the 60 paise. But, with the BHIM App payment Yojana , the payment will be done completely and hence the ultimate benefit reaches to shopkeepers account.